Why gluten free pizzas should replace traditional pizzas

Perhaps your supermarket is similar to mine; you’ll notice that there is more space being dedicated to “free from” products such as “gluten free.” These foods look as delicious as their regular counterparts and the packages tell you that it’s healthy. The various labels tell us that they are gluten free, dairy free, lactose-free, soy free, etc. The hype goes on, and the foods are “guaranteed” to be “all natural” or “naturally gluten free.” What will they come up with next?

Like our pizzas, the general population are slowly making a turn towards gluten-free food. This is also catered by the increasing awareness of the dangers of processed foods and the over-consumption of gluten based foods. This is why we specialise in gluten-free pizzas, delivering that exceptional taste without costing your health.

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When it comes to gluten, it seems that there are a lot of people on the bandwagon. From those suffering from Coeliac disease (an autoimmune disease), those who are gluten sensitive to those who are flat out gluten intolerant, millions are turning to this form of healthier eating. Does it work? If you’ve been struggling with any of these conditions it does.

When it’s done right, eating gluten-free can have a lot of great effects on your health. Here are some of the benefits that you can gain by eating gluten free:

Get more energy: Removing gluten can help you gain more energy. It may lower your cholesterol, and it may improve your digestion. Improved digestion means you’re a lot healthier and feel a lot better.

Could help bloating: Gluten can cause you to bloat and gain weight. By removing it from your diet, you may lose more weight and feel better. You’ll still have to eat your gluten-free foods in moderation, but you’ll feel a lot less bloated and gain less weight.

Help with autoimmune disease: A lot of autoimmune diseases go hand in hand. That is to say, if you have one, you may be at a higher risk to have another. When you remove the gluten from your diet, you will be lowering the risk of having another autoimmune disease in the near future.

Manage your insulin levels: Gluten, or wheat based foods, may increase your insulin levels and cause them to spike or drop drastically. Eating gluten free may help to reduce this spike and drop tendency.

Lower risk of heart disease: Removing gluten from your diet may also help you to lower your risk for heart disease. It may also help you to reduce cancers and other illnesses that are all related to the foods you eat. Gluten free food is abundant with antioxidants as well as minerals and vitamins. It may also help you to avoid viruses and germs.

Fight acne: Gluten-free diets are also known to help reduce acne and give you a clearer complexion.

Help with skin ailments: It may also improve your quality of life and help you to feel better overall. You won’t be suffering from a lot of skin ailments if you’re gluten free.

Get more nourishments:
You’ll get more nourishment from the foods that you do eat when you eat gluten free and avoid processed foods.

The more you work toward a gluten free diet, the more creative you’re going to be in the kitchen. We have seen recent advancement in science confirming the health benefits of a gluten-free diet, now it’s time for you to decide on making that change. There are only benefits to living healthy, and that benefit will go a long way in ensuring both you and the people around you live a healthy life.

With a focus on our gluten-free pizzas, it is the healthier alternative to traditional pizzas. We all know the problems with over consumption of gluten based pizzas, they have processed ingredients, gluten base and many other issues which when added together will lead to problems like heart disease. Not that it’s an excuse so you can eat more pizzas, gluten-free pizzas give you the choice of eating healthy without the risks associated with traditional pizzas.

Food production workers have taken note of the higher demand for gluten-free foods. It’s easier than ever before to become gluten free. A lot of products that we usually eat are becoming gluten-free, and it is a lot healthier than the alternatives.

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