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Organic Gluten Free Probiotic Pizza, Dough Balls and Bases

The Lab Pizza is a new revolutionary company specialising in the production of organic gluten free pizzas, pizza bases and dough balls that are remarkably lower in fat, carbohydrate, sugar and salt.

We produce foods that promote a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste, and use over 25 years of experience to provide innovative, high quality gluten free and wellness products at competitive prices, with an outstanding service to match. Made with our very own low fat and high fibre probiotic recipe, our healthy products are deep-frozen for your convenience.

Our products will undoubtedly help combat many current health issues but the two main conditions we are targeting are obesity and coeliac disease.

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Low fat mozzarella


Low fat mozzarella with an authentic taste and quality. Its natural low fat content and full taste makes it the ideal basis for a healthy diet. It's suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.
Probiotic Pizza Bases

Wellness Base

Our Wellness pizza bases are packed with 12 seeds and grains, added fibre and inulin (dietary fibre extracted from chicory roots), and are fortified with GanedenBC30® Cultures (“beneficial bacteria”). Gluten-free bases are baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility using our unique flour blend to ensure delicious results.
Fresh Tomatoes

Home-made tomato sauce

No sugar, butter, oil or preservatives are added to the dough or the sauce. No artificial flavours or colours, or monosodium glutamate (MSG) are used either.